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November 24, 2017

Living Up to Your Fiduciary Duty as an HOA Board Member

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August 15, 2017

2017 Florida Legislative Changes to FS 718, FS 719, FS 720 and FS 721

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January 13, 2017

An updated reference listing of Federal, State, County and City legislative laws, statutes, codes and ordinances

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State of Florida references for Housing for Older Persons, HOPA, directory, requirements, registration and renewal.

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Requirements For A Community To Be Considered A 55 Plus
Community Under Florida Law

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Listing of Federal, State, County and City References That Are Applicable To EPROC

Click here to link for: Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR)
Housing for Older Persons Requirements

Click here to link for: Department of Housing and Urban Development
24 CFR Part 100
Implementation of the Housing for Older
Persons Act of 1995; Final Rule


From Chick Shackewyc

80% - 20% Residency Law

Date: December 9, 2016

At the December 9th meeting discussions about the 80-20 residency law came up. Below are links to the applicable sections for each regulatory act/agency.

Federal Register 24 CFR Part 100
Florida Statute 760.24-760.37(4a)

Fair Housing Act – Title 24: Housing and Urban Development PART 100—Discriminatory Conduct Under The Fair Housing Act

Florida Statute - Title XLIV – Civil Rights - CHAPTER 760 – Discrimination in the Treatment of Persons; Minority Representation

Florida Commission on Human Resources - Housing for Older Persons Requirements

55+ Housing Directory-Pasco County

New Law Regarding Rental Application by a Service Member

Date: December 9, 2016

Attached is a new Florida law, Section 83.683, which affects FS 718, 719 and 720 corporations. Click here.


 Tips from Chick on using the Florida Legislature website

  • The link below will take you to F.A.C. website

To use the website here are a couple of suggestions:

1. If you type in 61B in the full text search box you will get a listi=g of all 61B codes sorted by the latest date. This is great for keeping track of all yearly legislative changes to the codes.

2. If you type in a specific 61B code, e.g. 61B-80, in the search by chapter number box you will get a listing of all 61B-80 codes.

Below are the latest Florida Administrative Codes, F.A.C.s.

What is Rulemaking?
"Rulemaking" is defined as the adoption, amendment or repeal of a
rule. In its simplest form, rulemaking consists of drafting the rule
text, providing notice to the public, accepting public comment and
filing the rule for adoption. However, rulemaking can become more
complicated, involving many more steps. 
What is a Rule?
According to Chapter 120, Florida Statutes, Administrative Procedure
Act (A.P.A.): Rule means each agency statement of general applicability
that implements, interprets, or prescribes law or policy or describes the
procedure or practice requirements of an agency and includes any form
which imposes any requirement or solicits any information not
specifically required by statute or by an existing rule. The term also
includes the amendment or repeal of a rule.
What is the Florida Administrative Code?
The online Florida Administrative Code (FAC) is the official compilation
of administrative rules for the state of Florida. The Department of State
oversees the publishing of the FAC and updates it weekly.

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