For easy reference, here are some links to some important information regarding the COVID19 pandemic relating to Florida.


May 20, 2020 Addition:         Taskforce Report Guidelines for Opening Up Florida

 Links to Governor DeSantis’ executive orders about Covid19:  20-19

Links to official info: Florida Health – What You Need to Know About Covid19 in Florida  

Links to official stats: Florida Health  Data and Surveillance Dashboard   You can click on Pasco in the list on the right to get more detailed information for Pasco.

Link to:  Florida Health Resource Kit  

Advent Health Resource Hub: Regarding Covid19    


Added April 9, 2020

Information from Scott Gordon

"A manager of one of the communities on my email list advised that the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) SBA loans were not being offered to not-for-profit cooperatives.  I just spoke with one of the lenders I’ve been working with in regards to this loan program and he confirmed that this appears to be correct.  Apparently, the only way that a not-for-profit cooperative association can qualify for this loan program is if the cooperative association is a 501(c) non-profit corporation.  There may be some way that for profit cooperative associations can qualify for the PPP loans but there aren’t too many communities owned and operated by for profit corporations.

While both cooperative associations and lenders will be very unhappy with this development, I would suggest that each association take the steps need to put itself in a position to be able to quickly apply for the next series of financial assistance—and hopefully, that assistance will be made available to resident owned not for profit cooperative communities.
I spoke with the manager of another community earlier today.  Some of the residents in that ROC had requested to be allowed to hold sunrise services on Easter Sunday in one of the common areas of the community.  The manager refused the request—with good reason.  While Governor DeSantis’ Emergency Order included religious services in a “house of worship” as “essential activities”, for an association’s manager or board to allow such services to occur on the common areas of the community could seriously and adversely impact the health of many of the community’s residents as well as those with whom those residents come into contact with.  It’s much safer and wiser during this pandemic to worship remotely—through zoom or some other type of “live streaming”. "

Added April 3, 2020

Information from Scott Gordon

"An Order entered yesterday by Governor DeSantis - effectively suspending for 45 days all actions for mortgage foreclosures as well as evictions for non-payment of rent.

Note that, unlike the provisions of last week’s CARES Act, it makes no difference whether or not the landlord has an outstanding federally backed mortgage.  This Order is a blanket suspension on mortgage foreclosures and on evictions of residential tenants for failure to pay rent.
The Order does state that it shall not be construed to relieve an individual from his or her obligation to make mortgage payments or rent payments.  Note also that this Order will extend 45 days from yesterday (April 2) and from any extensions of the Order.  In other words, 45 days is the “best case” scenario for landlords and mortgage holders."